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Since 2006 there have been 22 weekend retreats delivered to 450 spouses who have also benefitted from the ministry of many priests and 8 bishops.

Loving4Life was originally known as ‘Celebrate Love’ and came to the UK from Australia in 2006 via Francine and Byron Pirola. The Pirolas were invited to the UK by Edmund Adamus, the then Director of Marriage and Family Life for the Westminster Diocese. Francine and Byron had taken the seminar to Australia from the USA where they were introduced to it by Ron and Cathy Feher. The seminar course is known in the USA as ‘Living in Love’ (http://livinginlove.org/). In 2013 the Australians rebranded the name to ‘SmartLoving’ (https://smartloving.org/) and here in the UK we followed their lead.

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Edmund Adamus         Ron & Cathy Feher                 Francine & Byron Pirola

During the first ten years that the seminar has been active in the UK, various changes were made to its content to make it a better fit for the UK, in the same way that Francine and Bryon made changes for their Australian audience. On the 10th anniversary of the UK run seminars, with the changes complete, the UK team decided to re-name the UK version to ‘Loving 4 Life’.

Why “Loving4Life”?

When we take our vows on the wedding day, we solemnly promise to love our spouse for the whole of our lives, for better or for worse in sickness and in health until death do us part. It is true love that makes that possible, a love that comes from God and the grace of the sacrament, that turns the water of our limited human love into the wine of His unlimited unconditional divine love; a love that makes all things possible. Marital love is not only a couple’s lifetime’s mission, but a journey to the fulfilment of the promise “I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Why the colours purple and gold?

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Traditionally, purple is the liturgical colour of Lent and Passiontide and in Advent the colour for the anticipation of the Coming of Christ both at the end of time, in the Parousia, and of His birth at Christmas. Gold is for a King as the gift of the wise men and the foretelling of Christ’s glory and His Resurrection. Every marriage is a particular telling of the story of the Gospel; the birth, the life, death and the resurrection of Christ; the cross of Christ becomes real for every couple, but equally so does the Resurrection. Hence, the golden thread as it were underpinning the “Loving4Life” logo.

The “4” in the logo is deliberately depicted in the shape of the Cross and coloured in gold to remind us that no sin in marriage is greater than God’s grace of healing love and forgiveness.

The strapline “Human Love in the Divine Plan” is the title for the body of teaching in marital love and human sexuality by the great ‘pope of the family’ St. John Paul II, known as the catechesis in human love or the “Theology of the body”. It is the rich and profound insights of this recent teaching [1979-84] that informs, underpins and embellishes all of the programmes of activities and talks over the weekend.